UK-based Gadget GoGo sees transactions skyrocket by 89% following SEO strategy

SEO for UK-based electronics company

The client

Gadget GoGo







Gadget GoGo

Gadget GoGo is a UK-based company specialising in the buying and selling of used electronics, including phones, tablets, and other gadgets. They offer a convenient platform for customers to trade in their old devices for cash or purchase refurbished electronics at competitive prices. Gadget GoGo positions itself as a customer-centric brand, aiming to provide excellent value and service in a market dominated by larger competitors like Mazuma Mobile, Music Magpie, and Apple.

What we did

Gadget GoGo faced significant challenges in increasing their online visibility and competing with established giants in the industry. Despite having a solid business model, they struggled to attract sufficient organic traffic and relied heavily on paid media to drive sales. Their main issues included:

  • Low online visibility against major competitors.
  • Heavy dependence on paid media for traffic and sales.
  • Limited understanding of the potential of organic search.

To address these challenges, a multi-phase strategy was implemented:

  1. Education on Organic Search: Over six months, we worked with the founder of Gadget GoGo to develop their understanding of the potential of organic search. This included identifying opportunities where competitors were underperforming and how we could leverage these gaps.
  2. Optimisation and Implementation:
    • Conducted thorough keyword research to identify high-competition terms.
    • Optimised the website content and structure to improve search engine rankings.
    • Developed a content strategy focusing on valuable, keyword-rich content to attract organic traffic.

The strategy yielded impressive results over a 12-month period:

  • Initial Traction: After six months, the site began to see significant improvements in organic traffic.
  • Top Ranking Achieved: By the ninth month, Gadget GoGo secured the number one position for one of the most competitive keywords in their industry. This surge in visibility led to a dramatic increase in orders, temporarily overwhelming their operations!
  • Ad Spend Reduced: The company halved their ad spend without any negative impact on traffic, as organic search started to drive substantial site visits.
  • Expansion of High-Ranking Terms: Other competitive keywords, especially in the tablet and phone categories, also began ranking highly.
  • Traffic and Transaction Growth:
    • Traffic Doubled: Within a year, the website’s traffic doubled.
    • Transaction Increase: Transactions skyrocketed by 89%.
    • Organic Search Dominance: Organic search accounted for 70% of all transactions.
    • Paid Media Budget Cut: The paid media budget was reduced by 70%, reflecting the newfound efficiency and effectiveness of their organic search strategy.

Gadget GoGo’s journey from dependence on paid media to being a powerhouse in organic search demonstrates the transformative power of a well-executed SEO strategy. By focusing on education and optimisation, they not only enhanced their online visibility but also achieved substantial growth in traffic and transactions, all while reducing their reliance on paid advertising.

The Numbers


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in transactions
Their Words, Not Ours

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Gadget GoGo
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