Successful Google Ads campaign leads to growth for CryoHub Bedford

Google Ads Campaign for Bedford-based Wellness Company

The client

CryoHub Bedford




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CryoHub Bedford

CryoHub Bedford is a wellness centre specialising in cryotherapy treatments. They offer services aimed at pain relief, muscle recovery, and overall well-being. Cryotherapy involves exposing the body to extremely cold temperatures for short periods, which can reduce inflammation, improve circulation and boost energy levels. Located in Bedford, CryoHub Bedford is committed to providing cutting-edge treatments to help clients achieve their health and fitness goals.

What we did

CryoHub Bedford faced a significant challenge: launching their business and effectively capturing local demand. As a new entrant in the wellness market, they needed to build awareness and attract customers from the local area. The primary goal was to ensure that people searching for cryotherapy and related wellness services in Bedford could easily find CryoHub Bedford.

To address this challenge, we developed a tailored Google Ads campaign. The key elements of the strategy included:

  • Targeted Local Advertising: Focused on specific geographic areas around Bedford to reach potential customers nearby.
  • Relevant Keywords: Selected keywords and phrases related to cryotherapy, wellness, and pain relief to ensure the ads appeared in relevant searches.
  • Compelling Ad Copy: Created engaging and informative ad copy that highlighted the benefits of cryotherapy and the unique offerings of CryoHub Bedford.
  • Continuous Optimisation: Monitored the campaign’s performance and made ongoing adjustments to maximise effectiveness and ROI.

The Google Ads campaign yielded impressive results over its two-year duration:

  • 8% Conversion Rate: A significant portion of ad clicks converted into appointments and enquiries, demonstrating strong ad relevance and appeal.
  • £12 Cost per Conversion: The campaign maintained a cost-effective strategy, ensuring that each new customer acquisition was achieved at a reasonable expense.

These results helped CryoHub Bedford establish a solid local presence, attract new clients, and grow their business sustainably.


The Numbers

Conversion Rate

during the campaign

Cost Per Conversion

over the course of the campaign
Their Words, Not Ours

Outstanding services! Having dealt with complications with services provided by other marketing companies in the past, Carl’s professionalism and work ethic speaks a thousand! At the go when needed and has exceeded our company’s growth through his awesome work! Highly recommend.

Kaylen Wilson
CryoHub Bedford
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