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Explore affordable web design packages that come with lightning-fast hosting and unbeatable support. Whether you’re a small startup or a growing business, we have the perfect solution to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Speak to our experts today.

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    Building a new website or updating your old one is a time-intensive process. It’s also costly. Unless you’re a coding master or design genius, creating a website will take up too much of your or your team’s time – distracting you from running your business.

    What you need are affordable WordPress web design packages ready to be customised to your needs. Completely functional, beautifully designed, and requiring little to no expertise, our packages cover everything your business needs to start attracting customers.

    According to W3Techs, approximately 43% of all websites are built using WordPress. Yet only 36.28% of the top 1 million websites are built with WordPress. The problem is too many people fail to utilise all the features and capabilities of the platform. That’s where our WordPress web design packages come in. 

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    Affordable Website Design

    WordPress Web Design Packages

    Simple plans, no contracts.

    Get online without emptying your pockets! Our low-cost web design packages are your ticket to the digital world.

    While our trio of plans suits most, your vision might require something more, in fact most do. Let’s chat and tailor-make your digital storefront to match your small business’s unique specifications —affordable, bespoke, and ready to launch. Reach out now for your personalised web presence plan!

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    Establish your presence from

    • Essential site up to 5 pages
    • WordPress Installation
    • Device-responsive web design
    • Personalised design
    • Bespoke branding
    • Search Engine Optimised
    • SSL Certificate
    • Google Tag Manager Installation
    • Google Analytics Integration
    • Free stock imagery
    • Contact forms and other plugins
    • 3 months free site hosting

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    Grow your presence from

    • Enhanced sites up to 15 pages
    • WordPress Installation
    • Device-responsive web design
    • Personalised design
    • Bespoke branding
    • Search Engine Optimised
    • SSL Certificate
    • Google Tag Manager Installation
    • Google Analytics Integration
    • Free stock imagery
    • Contact forms and other plugins
    • 6 months free site hosting

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    Maximise your presence from

    • Premium sites 
    • WordPress Installation
    • Device-responsive web design
    • Personalised design
    • Bespoke branding
    • Search Engine Optimised
    • SSL Certificate
    • Google Tag Manager Installation
    • Google Analytics Integration
    • Free stock imagery
    • Contact forms and other plugins
    • 12 months free site hosting

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    Recent Results

    Winning with web design, some recent case studies...

    National Website Migration


    Web pages taken, consolidated and redesigned into a new site with a friendly CMS after the project was delayed internally.

    Local Small Business Website


    Weeks it took us to take a website to through to completion after previous barriers. The site has a fully integrated booking system and payment solution.

    Large Scale E-Commerce


    The number of products we’ve helped set up over three different brands and three different website builds. We now maintain and manage an on-going roadmap.

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    Affordable WordPress Website Design Packages Built To Your Spec By Our Web Designers

    WordPress is the preferred choice for many small businesses building their first website. Why? Because it’s intuitive to use, reliable, and comes with numerous plugins. Setting up a WordPress site involves several essential steps. Companies must select a theme, customise with their branding, add content, configure menus, widgets, and sidebars, and, of course, choose their plugins. 

    Plugins extend the functionality of your WordPress site. There’s a plugin for virtually every scenario, from SEO and security to social media integration and contact forms. Plugins reduce the coding complexity, letting you add impressive features at the click of a button. Common plugins include Yoast SEO, WooCommerce, WP Super Cache, and Wordfence.

    None of this is simple. There’s a temptation among businesses to choose the cheapest option available. But cheap isn’t the same as affordable. Cheap WordPress web design packages often comprise quality and functionality. Designs are clunky, and plugins aren’t optimised. It’s a recipe for trouble.

    We understand the difference between cheap and affordable solutions. While our packages and services come at a fraction of the price of other agencies, we never sacrifice quality. Our affordable packages ensure you receive a comprehensive, high-value website without compromising quality. 

    You tell us what you need, who your target market is, and what your dream website looks like; we get to work on devising a web design package built to your exact specifications. 

    So, what can you expect? Our WordPress website design packages include:
    Responsive design

    Crafted for flawless display on every device—desktop, tablet, or mobile. Guarantee your audience enjoys a seamless experience, no matter where they’re browsing from.

    Branding & Colours

    Tailored to reflect your brand’s unique identity and ethos. We dig deep into your brand’s palette to ensure your website shines with personality and professionalism.


    Elevate your online visibility with cutting-edge SEO tactics. From keyword-rich content to optimised meta tags, we ensure you’re not just found but also favoured by search engines.

    SSL Certificate

    Secure your site; secure their trust. An SSL Certificate is non-negotiable for any reputable website offering encrypted connections to safeguard user data.

    Contact Forms

    Engage and convert with custom contact forms. Designed for ease and efficiency, they’re your direct line to potential clients, gathering essential information while keeping spam at bay.


    Reliability is not optional. With our hosting solutions, expect unparalleled uptime and speed, ensuring your site is always accessible and always fast.


    Take control with our expert training sessions. Learn to navigate, update, and master your site with confidence, making website management a breeze.


    All our websites come with Google Analytics set up as standard, meaning that from day on, you can see what’s happening on your site.

    📍 "An integral part of our company’s growth nationwide" | National B2B Company     👍🏼 "I'd recommend over many of the larger agencies I've used" | IT Managed Services Provider     📊 100% Increase in student recruitment | Higher Education     📱 "We never thought we could compete with household brands" | Founder     🏢 "Revolutionised our wider organisations approach to marketing" | Head of Marketing     

    Small Business Website Design Packages

    Customisable, affordable, and scalable – our WordPress web design packages are designed specifically for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) wanting to expand their online presence without investing heavily upfront. 

    Did you know that 23% of small retailers didn’t have a website in 2022? Some rely on social media, while others mistakenly believe they don’t need a website. 

    Websites aren’t a waste of time or resources; they’re the centre point for your business. It’s where customers go to learn about your company, find your contact details, and order your products and services. Launching a professional-looking website not only attracts new customers but also keeps your old ones coming back. 

    Packed with essentials—responsive layouts that look stunning on any device, SEO tactics to climb search rankings, and iron-clad security with SSL certificates—each package is a growth powerhouse. We cover all your bases, creating key web pages your clients expect. 

    Unless your specifications say otherwise, we always include:

    ✅  Homepage

    ✅  About Page

    ✅  Product or Service Pages

    ✅  Contact Page

    ✅  Cookies Policy

    Download Our Free Guide

    The ultimate guide to web design for local businesses

    Download Our Free Guide

    The ultimate guide to web design for local businesses

    WordPress Web Design Packages For eCommerce Websites

    Websites today are more than just promotional tools; they’re complete online stores where businesses can market, inform about their products or services, and directly sell, all in one place. eCommerce websites, in particular, must host hundreds of product pages, manage countless transactions, ensure customer security, and keep track of their sales inventory. 

    Our WordPress website designs are the perfect solution for small eCommerce stores. We provide a seamless shopping experience from browsing to checkout. Our experienced web designers and developers create customisable, user-friendly platforms that not only showcase your products but also simplify the buying process.

    We integrate advanced eCommerce plugins like WooCommerce and guarantee response design, so your virtual storefront looks impeccable on any device. Best of all, your site scales as you do. Add new product pages, update your descriptions, and get ranked in search engines using our ready-to-go packages. 

    With effortless shopping experiences, customisable designs, and the power to grow with your business, setting up your eCommerce success has never been easier. Your next big step in digital commerce is just a website away.

    Website Redesign Packages

    Got a website that’s failing to perform? You’re not alone. Too often, companies build websites that struggle to rank in top search engines or whose design puts customers off immediately. Consider that almost three-quarters of web designers believe a non-responsive design is the primary reason customers abandon a website. Meanwhile, 94% of first impressions relate to your site’s web design. 

    Choosing a website redesign package is a simple way to reinvigorate your online presence, ensuring you stay relevant and competitive. The problem? Performing a redesign can temporarily lead to a drop in traffic – especially if not handled by a professional. But the long-term benefits can be astounding. In one case study, a website redesign and SEO campaign led to a 314% boost in leads. 

    If you’re experiencing little to no organic traffic, high bounce rates, low conversion rates, or poor customer feedback, it’s time for a redesign. 

    We’re striving to be Bedford’s premier digital marketing and web design agency. We won’t just make your website look and function beautifully; we’re also SEO experts. With our services, we can optimise your new site for search engines and run a campaign to compensate for any short-term fluctuations in traffic. It’s a win-win scenario!

    Revolutionised our organisation

     “The team at crdone have revolutionised our wider organisation’s approach to marketing, providing professional, proactive support and an excellent standard of customer service. 

    Katy George
    Head Of Marketing, Central Bedfordshire College

    Cannot recommend enough

    “I cannot recommend crdone enough. Carl and his team are highly knowledgeable and professional within their field and have been an incredible help to my small business over the past 5 years!”

    Luke Woooding
    RTR Therapy
    Our 5 step approach to web design

    Website design a client journey with us

    1. Research
    2. Build
    3. Test
    4. Launch
    5. Measure
    We research to understand your world

    Our research process entails spending time to plan our strategies and know your industry. We identify what the successful websites are doing in your industry, adopt those patterns, and implement new ideas that skyrocket your website ahead of competitors.

    We build your site from scratch

    Our team always craft bespoke websites. We work together with you to build a website that guarantees your satisfaction while maintaining an open dialogue to enable you to share your feedback.

    We test your site for bugs

    We carry out website testing to check out for all errors that could inhibit the smooth operations or functionality of your website. We understand that testing is crucial and implement a strict protocol that ensures pre and post-live checks so you have an error-free website.

    We launch your site to the world

    After building and testing your website for all problems, we deliver to you an efficient and effective website that attracts your audience, engages, and eventually converts them.

    We measure so you know what’s working

    We carry out intensive analytics of the website by utilising various metrics to measure the performance of the website.

    Why Choose Us

    Expert Services

    From SEO to web design, we’ve got the expertise to boost your online presence.

    Affordable Prices

    Our low-cost WordPress web design packages won’t break the bank.

    Customisable Solutions

    Adjust our packages to the specific challenges and requirements of your business.

    Ongoing Support

    We continue to support clients with maintenance and monitoring after site completion.

    Our Design and Development Client Journey

    Every design begins with a conversation. We listen to your requirements, learn about your industry, and understand your customer base before we start creating a specialised web design package. Even once we get started, the conversation continues.


    Our Responsive Design Process

    Central to our approach is an iterative design process. We design, test, receive feedback, and refine the website to ensure the final product aligns perfectly with your vision. Indeed, we involve clients early on in the design process, asking relevant questions, sending preliminary designs, and gathering as much feedback as possible.

    We invite you to share your thoughts and feedback during every stage of your website’s creation. We’ll keep you up to date with our progress and any adjustments in a weekly update. We aim to be 100% transparent – so you know how everything is progressing. Such ongoing communication ensures that we never deviate from your expectations as the project evolves.

    But that’s not all – aesthetics is only one part of web design; we also engineer our designs to skyrocket your website’s visibility in search engine results. We incorporate SEO best practices from the ground up, optimising page load speeds, keyword integration, meta description, and much more. Your new design should drive more organic traffic and boost your online presence. 

    Our Development Process

    The development process goes beyond the design. Throughout the development process, we also factor in key functionality and plugins into our WordPress web design packages. For example, we add contact forms, include eCommerce plugins (think WooCommerce), rely on caching plugins, and protect your site from hacking with security plugins. Together, these plugins guarantee a highly secure, optimised site with maximum functionality.

    Once your site is live, our commitment to your success doesn’t end. Hosting and maintenance become the next crucial steps in our comprehensive service offering.

    We provide reliable hosting solutions that ensure your website remains accessible, fast, and secure at all times. Our hosting services are designed to handle a significant traffic volume, guaranteeing that your site stays up and running smoothly without interruption.

    Moreover, we perform ongoing maintenance on your site to keep it up to date with the latest WordPress version, plugins, and security patches. We also monitor your website’s SEO performance, making relevant optimisations to enhance speed, user experience, or SEO ranking. With our support and services, you can rest easy – your website is in expert hands. 

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    With your site live, you’ll need to keep on top of it. Luckily, where here to help with that.

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    Local SEO is more than just geography; with us, it’s about dominating local digital landscapes.

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    FAQS about WordPress Web Design Packages

    How much does it cost to design a website on WordPress?

    Designing a website on WordPress can be highly cost-effective due to the platform itself being free and open-source. However, the costs can vary widely depending on your specific needs. While WordPress offers a variety of free themes and plugins that can be sufficient for many users, opting for bespoke or premium themes and plugins can significantly increase the cost. These expenses are associated with customizing your website’s design and functionality to meet your unique requirements. It’s important to balance your needs with your budget, considering that while WordPress’s base platform is free, customisations and additional features can add up in cost.

    How much does a web design package cost?

    The cost of designing a website on WordPress can vary based on your specific needs, such as the size and complexity of your project. Our WordPress design packages begin at approximately £1000. This starting price is designed to accommodate a range of requirements, ensuring you receive a website tailored to your goals and audience. As the intricacies and scale of the website increase, so may the cost, reflecting the additional time, expertise, and resources needed to bring your vision to life effectively.

    Is WordPress still relevant 2024?

    Yes, WordPress remains highly relevant in 2024. It continues to be one of the most popular and widely used website creation and content management systems available. Its enduring popularity can be attributed to its flexibility, user-friendly interface, and extensive range of themes and plugins, which allow users to create diverse and dynamic websites tailored to various needs and industries. Whether for blogging, e-commerce, portfolio sites, or more complex applications, WordPress’s robust community and ongoing updates ensure it stays relevant and efficient for web developers and content creators alike.




    Contact Us To Customise Your WordPress Web Design Service

    Not all of our WordPress web design packages are suitable off the shelf. Depending on your business or industry, we’re happy to customise a package to your requirements. Maybe you’re an eCommerce startup needing advanced product filtering and search capabilities or a local restaurant looking to integrate online reservations and menu management.

    Whatever the reason, we’re here to tailor our WordPress service to your specific needs. We can customise features like donation buttons, event calendars, appointment booking systems, and more. 

    Contact us today to learn how we can customise our packages, building a fully functional, optimised website that delivers everything you and your customers need.

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      Our team is standing by to help. Get in touch and we'll be happy to assist you.
      Why wait? Get in touch today?
      Our team is standing by to help. Get in touch and we'll be happy to assist you.