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As a business owner, you understand the importance of having an online presence. But it can be hard to know where to turn if you don’t have the expertise or time to build and manage your own website. 

You need a website that looks great and is optimised for search engines so potential customers can find you easily. Without this, your business could struggle to compete in today’s digital world. 

Hiring a professional web design agency can make all the difference. Investing in web design services can transform your website, and arguably your business through driving more traffic and leads, increasing conversions and ultimately helping you grow your business. 

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    Drive More Traffic and Leads with Dedicated Web Services

    Our web design services help local businesses save time and build best-in-class websites, we do this so business owners can focus on the core of their business instead of wasting valuable time on the technical aspects of building and maintaining a website. We provide comprehensive packages that include everything from site planning and development to hosting, maintenance, and SEO.

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    We help take care of everything

    We provide the full package! Our comprehensive web design services offer support from the initial idea to launching the site. We take care of everything from site planning and development to hosting, maintenance, and SEO. All of our websites are designed with user experience in mind, ensuring that they are optimised for search engines and easy to navigate. We also provide ongoing maintenance and support, so you can focus the most critical aspect of your business, growing it!

    Project Management

    Our team strives to carefully manage the entire web project, from start to finish, utilising a variety of project management techniques and strategies. We prioritise objectives and deadlines, delegate tasks thoughtfully among our team, and stay organised with effective communication to ensure the successful completion of the project on time.

    Website Architecture

    Having a well-structured website from the offset is incredibly important for creating a successful online presence. A strong website structure helps to keep visitors engaged with the content and encourages them to explore your website more by providing clear pathways for them to follow. Additionally, a well-thought-out site architecture will be much easier to maintain, update, and be optimised for search engines. 

    Visual Design and branding

    A strong and consistent visual design and branding across both online and offline platforms is key to establishing a recognisable presence that can help engage customers, build trust, and increase conversions. An effective branding strategy should be implemented with consistency in order to create memorable visuals that can resonate with users. 


    Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a critical component of website design and development, as it can help to maximise the visibility of a website in search engine results pages. When developing a website, implementing SEO strategies such as creating content with targeted keywords and optimising metadata can assist in driving organic traffic from search engines.

    UX and UI

    User experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design are both essential components in creating successful web design projects. Good UX is essential for ensuring a positive user experience with a website. It focuses on how people interact with the site – from navigation to content presentation and user flow. A great UI will ensure that the page looks attractive and visually pleasing, as it is the element which visually communicates the design and brand identity. UI and UX should be carefully planned out and tested to ensure users have a positive experience navigating your website.


    Our team of experienced content creators can create a wide variety of content for your website project, from blog posts and product descriptions to detailed tutorials and long-form articles. We specialise in crafting high-quality, engaging content tailored to your specific needs and objectives – each piece of content we produce is crafted with the utmost focus on detail, accuracy, and readability.


    We empower clients to build attractive and intuitive online shops. We use the latest web design techniques and e-commerce tools to create a platform to make it easy for customers and store owners to navigate the buying process and complete transactions. 

    Service-Based Businesses

    We understand that service-based businesses need a strong online presence to help them reach their target audiences and grow. We specialise in building high-quality websites that showcase our clients’ services, allowing them to gain visibility, recognition, and trust from potential customers.

    Brochure Websites

    We assist clients in crafting beautiful brochure websites that showcase their portfolios to potential customers and partners. Our team of web designers, developers, and strategists help ensure the process is tailored and optimised to match the needs of each client.

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    Some recent client success stories from when it comes to websites...

    National Website Migration


    Web pages taken, consolidated and redesigned into a new site with a friendly CMS after the project was delayed internally.

    Local Small Business Website


    Weeks it took us to take a website to through to completion after previous barriers. The site has a fully integrated booking system and payment solution.

    Large Scale E-Commerce


    The number of products we’ve helped set up over three different brands and three different website builds. We now maintain and manage an on-going roadmap.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Starting a website project can be daunting – even more so if you don’t know what questions to ask. We understand, which is why we’ve collated the most common questions businesses have when beginning theirs.

    What does a web agency do?

    A web agency is a company that specialises in creating and managing websites. This can include everything from designing and building the website to registering the domain name and setting up hosting. Many web agencies also offer additional services such as search engine optimisation (SEO), online marketing, and social media management.

    How much do web developers charge per hour in the UK?

    There’s no one answer to this question since web developers can charge different rates depending on their experience, the complexity of the project, and other factors. However, as a ballpark figure, web developers in the UK typically charge around £50-£100 per hour.

    Keep in mind that this is just a general guideline and that the cost of a web developer’s services can vary significantly depending on the project. For example, if you need a complex website with built-in custom functionality, you can expect to pay more than a simple website created.

    Is it worth paying someone to do your website?

    Yes, it is worth paying someone to design and build your website. A professional website is more visually appealing and user-friendly and can also help you attract new customers and generate more revenue. In today’s digital age, having a well-designed website is more important than ever, so don’t hesitate to invest in one.

    How much does it cost to create a website for a small business?

    It can vary depending on the complexity and features of the website. For example, ecommerce websites can be more expensive to create than basic informational websites.

    Some key factors that will affect the cost include the design and functionality of the website, whether or not custom programming is required, how many pages are included, and whether or not the website needs to be integrated with a payment gateway or other third-party software.

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is also an important consideration, as well as ongoing maintenance and updates. Many small businesses outsource these services rather than trying to do them themselves.

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    • The services have proved an integral part of our company’s growth nationwide. 5 star communication and results are always realistic and transparent. Very glad we have crdone on board with our journey and will be recommending his work to others.
      Yan Akoya
      Truck Trading
    • We have been using CRDONE now since 2019, they cover all of our digital marketing needs, from SEO, Website Maintenance, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Social Media Management and Google Analytics, they literally cover it all, and do a fantastic job. We wouldn’t go any where else.

      Sam Wilson
      Gadget GoGo
    • Having worked with the team on a UK website build, maintenance, and reporting, as well as regular management of Google Adwords, and an international SEO project for a global website, I couldn’t recommend enough. I’d recommend over many of the larger agencies I’ve used over the years.

      Gerry Johnstone
      Service Express
    • The attention to detail is second to none. Very professional indeed, and would highly recommend!

      Jackie Fitzpatrick
      The Business Printing Company
    • Giving full starts to Carl and his team for being so flexible and working with our small business on our journey. We’re moving our business in a slightly different direction and Carl has given advice and suggestions throughout.

      Vee Smith
      Local Business Owner
    • Worked with Carl while at Blue chip and was very pleased with the results. Carl is professional helpful and very good at what he does. Recommend to anyone.

      Mike Tricker
    • Very helpful and has improved our ROI on numerous campaigns. Highly recommend.

      Ben Thrussell
      Agency Partner

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      Our team is standing by to help. Get in touch and we'll be happy to assist you.
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