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Are you a small business owner interested in growing your brand presence, gaining more traffic online, or even increasing the awareness of your business locally?

Well, you don’t need to be a big business to get the visibility you deserve. Our streamlined, data-driven approach to web design delivers excellent websites at an affordable price. 

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    Web Design for small business

    Boost Your Visibility With a Small Business Website

    Your small business website design needs to be thoughtfully laid out, and if it isn’t, the bottom line is that you could be leaving money on the table. A professionally-built website can boost your online presence, generate more leads, build more authority and ultimately grow your sales!

    • Take advantage of an SEO optimised website for your business success

    Search engine optimisation is a crucial aspect of a small business website design. Search engines love to rank small businesses that are closer to your potential client’s location.

    When a small business website design is search engine optimised, it helps it to rank higher in search results. This process will in-turn increase the likelihood that potential customers will find your website whenever they use search engines to check for the product or service you offer.

    • Easier leads and sales

    Potential customers will contact you quicker if your website is well-designed and includes distinctive calls to action and straightforward contact forms.

    • Enhance Your Professional image

    Your company’s ability to present itself in a professional and trustworthy manner on the internet can help build confidence among your clientele, especially if your website is well-designed.

    Designed to Achieve Results

    When designing websites for our customers, we intend to improve their online presence. To accomplish this, we use the latest design methodology coupled with Google Analytics to evaluate the performance of your website and help prove the return on investment (ROI).

    This enables us to make decisions based on the data and optimise our customers’ websites for the highest possible level of performance.

    Recent Results

    Winning with web design, some recent case studies...

    National Website Migration


    Web pages taken, consolidated and redesigned into a new site with a friendly CMS after the project was delayed internally.

    Local Small Business Website


    Weeks it took us to take a website to through to completion after previous barriers. The site has a fully integrated booking system and payment solution.

    Large Scale E-Commerce


    The number of products we’ve helped set up over three different brands and three different website builds. We now maintain and manage an on-going roadmap.

    Your success could be next


    Transforming Ambitious Visions Into an Incredible Reality

    The following are the steps that are included in our approach to website design:

    1. Research
    2. Build
    3. Test
    4. Launch
    5. Measure
    We research to understand your world

    Before beginning to design a website for a client, we first research the market and the client’s industry better to understand their intended audience and the website’s objectives.

    We build a site that’s scalable

    During the build phase, we collaborate closely with our customers on developing their website’s content, design, and architecture. We make it a point to include our customers in every stage of the production process to guarantee that the result faithfully represents their objectives.

    We test and snag

    After the website has been constructed, we extensively test it to ensure that every component operates as it should.

    Chucks away!

    Once the website passes all of our tests, we launch and monitor it for any issues.

    Here’s how we know it’s working

    We measure the website’s performance and return on investment (ROI) using the analytics tools we’ve implemented. We continue to improve websites and make small businesses more successful.

    Website Agency for Small Businesses

    Websites Built for Your Business Online

    Whether a WordPress website design or a custom website design, we are experts in developing small business websites to help them operate in a wide range of markets. Whether you run an online store or a service-oriented business, we’ve got you covered. No matter your business type, we can create a website tailored to your requirements and assist you in accomplishing your objectives.

    Web Design for Small Businesses

    We Sweat the Small Stuff

    Paying close attention to the details is essential for a small business website design. Because of this, we focus on each and every aspect of your website, including the following:

    Google 5 star logo

    Website architecture

    The layout of a website is one of the most important factors determining how successful it will be. We ensure that the architecture of our client’s websites is user-friendly and assists visitors in taking the actions that our clients want them to take.


    A successful business website usually has navigation menus that are easy to use. Our menus are designed to be user-friendly and assist visitors in locating the information they seek.

    Visual Design and branding

    The client’s company and values must be reflected in a website’s visual design and branding. Together with our clients, we work to develop a unified visual identity that will set them apart from other websites in their industry.

    UX and UI

    UI/UX plays a significant role in how any website performs. We design intuitive websites that are usable and appealing to our end users.


    When it comes to capturing the attention of site visitors and providing vital information about your company, your website’s content is crucial. We create high-quality content that is SEO optimised and relevant to what the users need.


    Your business website needs to be optimised for mobile use because there are more mobile search engine users now than ever. The websites we design are responsive, meaning they have a good appearance and function on all devices.

    Download Our Free Guide

    The ultimate guide to web design for local businesses

    Download Our Free Guide

    The ultimate guide to web design for local businesses

    Web Designers for Small Businesses

    Why Choose Us

    Our small (but perfectly formed) team of highly skilled small business web designers are committed to developing excellent sites for all of our clients. We take a data-driven approach, using analytics tools to measure our websites’ efficacy and then improve functionality to achieve optimal results. Additionally, we have a proven track record of satisfied clients, many of whom have seen a significant increase in leads and sales thanks to the work we did for them.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Setting out to create a new website can be tough. But we’ve been there lots of times and have a few t-shirts to prove it. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get about small business website design.

    How much does it cost to design small business websites?

    The cost of designing a small business website will vary depending on the website’s size and complexity and the particular features and functionality required by the company. We provide various pricing options to accommodate a variety of budgets. We are willing to work with you to develop a bespoke package that caters to your requirements and financial constraints.

    How long does it take to design small business websites?

    The time it takes to design a small business website usually depends on how big and complicated it is. From start to finish, the process usually takes between two to eight weeks.

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    Why wait? Get in touch today?
    Our team is standing by to help. Get in touch and we'll be happy to assist you.
    Why wait? Get in touch today?
    Our team is standing by to help. Get in touch and we'll be happy to assist you.