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    Reach your local customers with our targeted local SEO campaigns.

    Not all businesses want to rank nationally or internationally. Regional or neighbourhood businesses sometimes assume SEO isn’t necessary for success. They couldn’t be more wrong. Customers routinely rely on search engines to find local businesses and services. In fact, 46% of all Google searches are looking for local information. And almost three-quarters of consumers using local search visited a store within five miles.

    Local SEO works. It targets consumers living in and around your business, generating site traffic and building brand recognition in a particular geographic region. As a local SEO company, we have extensive experience building websites for regional companies and boosting their SEO strategies. Our team of SEO professionals can help put your business on the map. 

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    Understanding The Advantages Of Local SEO and what it Can Do For Your Business

    Local SEO (search engine optimisation) is a strategy for optimising your online presence to build greater brand recognition and boost your business in relevant local searches. Local SEO is critical for brick-and-mortar businesses, tradespeople, and other companies serving a defined geographic area.

    Here’s how it works. Unlike normal SEO strategies, a local SEO company is solely concerned with on-page optimisation and building backlinks. While these are still crucial, the mainstay of local SEO is geographically specific search and Google Business (formerly Google My Business).

    Local SEO helps your business show up in local search results. For example, if someone searches for “best coffee shop near me” or “coffee shop in [City Name]”, local SEO helps your business appear in these localised search results.

    Meanwhile, claiming and optimising your Google Business profile ensures you show up in Google Maps and local search results. With key information readily available – think location, hours, and contact information – it’s a simple yet effective way to generate leads and in-store foot traffic. 

    In addition, local SEO also involves building online reviews and generating local backlinks to boost your ranking. 

    We’ve had immense success supporting local businesses’ SEO efforts. We’ve worked with numerous brands in Bedford and the surrounding area, including Central Bedfordshire College, Shuttleworth College, Simon Taylor Furniture, and CryoHub Bedford. In fact, we helped create a small business website – fully SEO-optimised – in just 2 weeks. 

    Winning with SEO
    Some recent success stories!

    National SEO Campaign


    Visitors from organic traffic on average per month. From 0 to over 500 phrases on page one of Google through our tried and tested SEO methods.

    Local SEO


    The number of searches where this high-end furniture client has appeared in over a 3 months period. Our approach to local SEO helps scalability. 

    International SEO Consultancy


    In-depth research tasks. When our client was acquired by one of the global leaders in data centres, we supported the integration and consulted on the SEO strategy.

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    Key Benefits of Search Engine Optimisation For Local Businesses

    Local SEO provides a major boost for businesses that get onto the first page. According to SEO Expert, 92% of searchers select businesses that appear on the first page of Google. Meanwhile, the information they find will send 70% of consumers to the physical store. 

    But that’s not the only benefit. Local businesses can also expect:

    More Leads

    Local SEO helps capture more leads by positioning your business prominently in local search results and Google Maps. 

    Improved Online Visibility

    Enhancing your online presence in local searches makes it easier for potential customers to find you.

    Better User Experience

    Optimising for local SEO improves website navigability and relevance, offering a superior experience to visitors.

    Increased Organic Traffic

    Attract a higher volume of targeted, local web traffic without relying on paid advertising or costly social media campaigns.

    Featured Case Study:
    Gadget GoGo

    Thanks to the combination of our data-driven insights and our teams’ knowledge across channels, Gadget GoGo increased their online revenue by more than 75%.

    Increased visitors

    Orders via SEO

    Increase in orders

    The Importance of Google Business Profile in Local SEO for small businesses

    Your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) is a cornerstone of your local SEO efforts. Consisting of key information about your business, it appears in local search results and Google Maps. 

    During your account setup, you must include as much information as possible. Ensure you add your business’s name, address, and phone number (NAP). However, further details like photos, products, services, opening time, and reviews will help boost your profile’s success. Google even lets you accept orders and list whether an item is in stock.

    Remember, the fewer steps a customer must take, the more likely they will buy your product or book an appointment. Make it as easy as possible.

    Reviews, in particular, amplify your reach. Lots of positive reviews act as a strong signal to search engines and customers about the reliability and quality of your business. Encourage users to leave honest reviews that detail the best part of your product or service. But, if you do receive negative reviews, always respond to help manage your online reputation. 

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    Effective Local SEO Services from a Team of SEO Experts

    We’re proud to serve numerous local businesses. Indeed, we provide the full collection of services regional companies need to attract new customers. Here are some of our success stories:

    Take Central Bedfordshire College, for example. We were hired to promote their brand, driving campaigns and initiatives to entice more students to the college. It was a massive success and saw the company establish itself as a leading educational facility. 

    RTR Therapy, meanwhile, is a long-term customer of ours. We continually refine their local SEO strategy to ensure the best results and drive a significant volume of traffic to their site. 

    Revolutionised our organisation

     “The team at crdone have revolutionised our wider organisation’s approach to marketing, providing professional, proactive support and an excellent standard of customer service. 

    Katy George
    Head Of Marketing, Central Bedfordshire College

    Cannot recommend enough

    “I cannot recommend crdone enough. Carl and his team are highly knowledgeable and professional within their field and have been an incredible help to my small business over the past 5 years!”

    Luke Woooding
    RTR Therapy

    How We Achieve The Best Local SEO Services

    What’s the secret to our success? As a local SEO company, our strategy involves a three-pronged approach. We begin by optimising Google My Business listings for maximum visibility, ensuring NAP consistency across all platforms for local search accuracy. Next, we perform thorough keyword research, selecting local SEO terms specific to your geographic location. Finally, we generate positive customer reviews and build local backlinks to give your site (and online presence) the extra push it needs to succeed.

    Our local SEO strategy works time and again. But we don’t just do the same thing every time. We adapt our services to the business in question, analysing local competitors to ensure your company comes out on top. 

    Core parts of a local SEO campaign with us
    An Audit
    On-Page SEO Optimisation
    Off-Page SEO

    An Audit Of Your Local Search Engine Rankings By Our SEO Consultants

    Every local SEO campaign begins with a free local audit. The audit involves analysing your current position and your competitors. We’ll identify which keywords you’re ranking for, what you’re doing well, and where improvements could yield the biggest results.

    We also take a peek at your local competitors. We’ll discover what’s behind their success and where you can improve. When we’re finished, we’ll compile a comprehensive strategy to overhaul your local SEO efforts and boost your ranking. 

    On-Site Optimisation Following SEO Best Practices

    As a local SEO company, we begin our on-site optimisation by thoroughly auditing your existing content. We’ll identify any duplications, topic gaps, or poor-performing content. Then, we’ll craft a strategy to fill in the gaps, update poor-performing content, and add high-performing keywords to your webpage content.

    In addition, we offer expert support on website development, focusing on technical improvements that enhance site speed, mobile responsiveness, and overall user experience. These concerted efforts ensure your website is fully optimised to meet the ever-evolving standards of SEO excellence.


    Link Building Through Local Citations and Local Listings

    Link building isn’t quite as important for local SEO as it is for other businesses. After all, you’re not competing against global brands. Nonetheless, building a solid base of backlinks from local listings, newspapers, and other prominent citations will boost your brand authority.

    Google identifies these links – especially those from authoritative sites – and increases your search ranking as a result. The more links you build, the greater the effect. They’re also a way to drive traffic to your site.

    If you appear in a local newspaper or listings website, browsers will likely click the link and visit your site. It’s a brilliant way to generate brand recognition. 

    Measurable Success and Transparent Reporting

    Local SEO requires continual monitoring for success. We identify several key metrics and keep track of how your new content and SEO strategy is working. That includes:

    • Set Success Metrics: Define which metrics you will use as a yardstick for success, such as organic traffic, bounce rate, conversion ratio, and time spent on the page. 

    • Regular, Detailed Reporting: Providing comprehensive reports on local SEO performance, including visibility, traffic, and rankings, to keep you informed every step of the way.

    • Ongoing Analysis and Strategy Refinement: Continuously monitoring performance data to identify opportunities for optimisation, ensuring strategies remain effective and responsive to the dynamic digital landscape.

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    Tailoring SEO Efforts To Your Unique Business Needs

    None of our SEO strategies are off-the-shelf. As a local SEO company, we adapt to your business’s specific circumstances and objectives. You can expect:

    • Customised Local SEO Strategy: No two businesses are the same. That’s why we craft individualised SEO strategies that align precisely with your business objectives and geographic targets.

    • In-depth Market and Audience Analysis: A thorough exploration into your industry, market nuances, and customer demographics to ensure targeted and impactful SEO efforts.

    • Agile Strategy Refinement: Proactively adapting to the ever-changing landscape of local search trends and algorithm updates to maintain and enhance your online visibility.

    Why Choose crdone as Your Local SEO Experts?

    None of our SEO strategies are off-the-shelf. As a local SEO company, we adapt to your business’s specific circumstances and objectives. You can expect:

    Tried-and-Tested Strategy

    We employ a proven local SEO methodology that consistently delivers measurable improvements in online visibility and customer engagement.

    Data-Driven Results

    Our approach is anchored in rigorous data analysis, ensuring every decision enhances your search rankings and drives targeted traffic.

    Client Satisfaction

    With a track record of exceeding expectations, CRDone prides itself on fostering long-term relationships built on trust and tangible success.

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      Our Commitment To Become A Leading Local SEO Company

      We aren’t just another SEO agency. We’ve worked hard to earn a reputation for excellence among local companies. What’s behind our commitment? Let’s find out:

      Long-Term Partnership Approach: We are dedicated to building enduring relationships with our clients, understanding that success in SEO is a continuous journey, not a one-time project.

      Focus on Sustainable Local Search Rankings: Our strategies are designed not just for immediate gains but to ensure lasting visibility and relevance in local search results.

      Proactive Response to Search Algorithm Updates: We stay ahead of the curve by closely monitoring changes in search algorithms, ensuring our tactics evolve to maintain and enhance your search rankings.

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      FAQS about Local SEO

      What is local SEO?

      Local SEO is a target digital marketing strategy aimed at boosting a business’s visibility in local search engine results. Rather than targeting customers nationally, local SEO campaigns optimise for customers living in the surrounding area. Successful strategies include opening a Google Business Profile, optimising for local keywords, and building positive reviews and links from local listings. 

      How much does local SEO cost?

      The cost of local SEO varies depending on several factors, including the project’s complexity, your industry’s competitiveness, and the specific services required. Some businesses may invest a few hundred pounds a month, while others might spend several thousand. 

      As a rule, the more content you produce and competitive your local area is, the more local SEO is likely to cost. 

      What is a local SEO company?

      A local SEO company specialised in providing SEO services to small- and medium-sized businesses operating in a specific geographic region. Such agencies have expertise in areas like Google Business optimisation, local keyword targeting, and building local backlinks. 

      Should I pay someone to do SEO?

      Yes. SEO is one of the most cost-effective and high-performing digital marketing methods. Creating a steady flow of content, optimising your site, and building backlinks will drive traffic to your site and boost your sales. The results speak for themselves. 

      Most business owners (or their teams) don’t have the time to waste on SEO. Hiring a local SEO company frees you to do what you do best – run your business. And by relying on an expert, you’ll see much greater boosts to your online visibility and site traffic. 

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