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Visibility on Google is crucial for any business’s growth. With the digital marketplace becoming more crowded, securing a spot at the top of search results is increasingly competitive. Lacking effective SEO could mean your business gets overlooked. With our SEO campaigns, your business won’t just be seen; it’ll shine!

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    Whether you run a small business or a large business, visibility in search engines (SEO) is important for growth. More businesses are shifting from just owning a physical space to managing an online space, and the more businesses that come online, the tougher this fight for visibility becomes. This is because visibility is an important aspect for any business to thrive online and it is becoming more competitive and increasingly challenging.

    Without properly optimising your online presence, your business could be lost among numerous search results.

    However, the right expert search engine optimisation (SEO) service and management will help your business thrive online – that’s where we come in!

    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Services In Bedford and Beyond

    SEO Services: Where we can help

    Local SEO

    National SEO

    This is a technique that encompasses optimising your online presence for better and bigger visibility within the results of local searches. This is often achieved through a variety of ways that involves properly managing your Google Business Profile, optimising your business website, building the authority of your website contents with local links, building citations and more.

    If your business has a physical location or operates in a geographic area, then you can derive great benefits from local SEO. For instance, if a user enters a search query for “bakers”, different results would pop up for different places. If however, the user enters a search query for ‘bakers in Bedford’, the results will be location-specific for the user’s search result. If you’re a baker in Bedford and your local SEO is properly optimised, then your business should rank in the results that will pop up for the user, either in the map or the first results, giving your business more likelihood of clicks and as such more conversions.

    This is a systematic process of optimising a website on a search engine result page for a large audience – usually a broad range of geographical regions (or whole country) rather than a single location.

    National SEO focuses mainly on ranking on broader terms rather than specific location based terms. The right national SEO strategy will help transform your business as it can extend your business reach across a multiple regions and grasp your ideal client base.

    All SEO takes time, and national SEO is no different and is for businesses who want to play the long term SEO game and rank for highly competitive broad terms.

    📍 "An integral part of our company’s growth nationwide" | National B2B Company     👍🏼 "I'd recommend over many of the larger agencies I've used" | IT Managed Services Provider     📊 100% Increase in student recruitment | Higher Education     📱 "We never thought we could compete with household brands" | Founder     🏢 "Revolutionised our wider organisations approach to marketing" | Head of Marketing     

    What you need to know about SEO work

    Wondering how we can help? We’ve created a handy video all about SEO. You’ll find out what SEO is, our approach and how we can get results for you just like we have for Gadget GoGo and countless others.

    Winning with SEO
    Some recent success stories!

    National SEO Campaign


    Visitors from organic traffic on average per month. From 0 to over 500 phrases on page one of Google through our tried and tested SEO methods.

    Local SEO


    The number of searches where this high-end furniture client has appeared in over a 3 months period. Our approach to local SEO helps scalability. 

    International SEO Consultancy


    In-depth research tasks. When our client was acquired by one of the global leaders in data centres, we supported the integration and consulted on the SEO strategy.

    Your success could be next

    SEO Campaign Services

    We continuously sweat the small stuff so that you don't have to

    Our approach to SEO is simple. It’s nothing new, but it’s tried and it’s tested.

    Audience & Industry

    You need to have a good grasp of your target audience and understand them. We take the stress out of this by undergoing this process for you. We discover who your potential audiences are, what they’re looking for and how to attract and convert them.

    Keyword Research

    We carry out proper research on keywords and user intent. This gives us an in-depth understanding of the appropriate keywords that your business should rank for and by doing this we help increase your chances of conversions.

    Technical SEO

    This refers to the optimisation of websites that assist search engine spiders in effectively crawling and indexing your site.

    Technical SEO is important because it ensures that your website is free from any form of technical issues that can prevent it from being understood and ranked properly by search engines. We also ensures that your website is easy to navigate.

    Outstanding content

    Organic content is one of the major ways to let search engines know what your site is about. We provide you with highly professional content that will keep your readers engaged. This will help keep your website fresh and support the presence required to rank.

    Link profile monitoring

    This means scrutinising websites that link to areas of your website to ensure they’re appropriate and not spam.

    Link profile monitoring is important to get a positive ranking from search engines and it’s a main indicator of your website’s health.

    Link building citations and outreach

    This is a practice of getting high-quality links to your website from other websites. Getting high quality links can improve the authority of your site and help you rank higher in results pages of search engines.


    Playing sports without a scoreboard is pointless. We manage your virtual scoreboard to help gain better insight into the performance of your website (and marketing).

    Analytics is important because it helps us identify the major areas to concentrate on when optimising your site for search engines.


    We have our own system of reporting that helps make your SEO experience easy. We provide you with the information you want to know, not a load of jargon. We can tell you the details of who is checking out your website, how they found your website and most importantly, what’s working and what isn’t.


    The bigger picture

    We know that SEO is one cog in a far bigger machine, so we make sure that we always have an eye on the bigger picture.

    Get your FREE SEO audit today

    No jargon, just a straight-forward, easy to understand audit.

      Our approach to SEO

      An SEO Agency with a tested approach to generate a return on investment

      With our tried-and-true approach to SEO, you’ll be able get the most out of your marketing budget.

      1. Research
      2. Strategy
      3. Execute
      4. Report
      We research to understand your world

      We are not the sale-sy type just looking for more clients. We carry out proper and detailed research to understand your SEO needs, we then gain insights as to what suits you best.

      These insights are what provides a concrete foundation that helps us construct an SEO plan that encompasses all avenues of potential and growth.

      We build a strategy that’s scalable

      Our keyword strategy ensures that your business visibility is made possible through search terms, sending high-quality traffic your way.

      We execute and optimise

      We ensure that the SEO process is carried out properly in a step-by-step detailed order. We constantly keep track of the health and rankings of your website whilst providing every recommendation that is applicable to ensure your digital presence strengthens over time. This allows you to focus on what matters the most; your customers.

      We report clearly

      With us, you will get a clear report on the returns of your SEO investment. You will get the details of the exact monthly search volume of our research and analysis for the terms you choose.

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      Key SEO Services

      Where we particularly shine when it comes to the world of SEO

      SEO Packages

      Many know the basics of SEO, but our packages redefine excellence.

      Find out more

      SEO Sprints

      SEO Sprints aren’t just quick fixes; we transform them into strategic leaps.

      Find out more

      WordPress SEO

      WordPress SEO is common knowledge, yet we elevate it with an unparalleled experience.

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      Local SEO Services

      Local SEO is more than just geography; with us, it’s about dominating local digital landscapes.

      Find out more

      Ecommerce SEO

      Ecommerce SEO with us isn’t just optimisation; it’s the key to unlocking your online market.


      National SEO

      National SEO is our playground, where we turn broad strategies into nationwide success stories.


      SEO Consultancy

      In the realm of SEO consultancy, we don’t just advise – we change perspectives.


      SEO Audits

      SEO audits aren’t mere assessments for us; they’re the blueprints for your digital wins.

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      Supporting businesses with SEO

      SEO Services That generates website Traffic AND Leads

      Your major point of contact with your online audience is usually through your business website. This allows you to generate sales, valuable leads and other essential conversions.

      Users who are looking for something online usually head to search engines such as Google and if your audience is unable to find your website or your website is buried among other search results, then you might be losing out on a lot of sales and conversions because it becomes very difficult for your audience to find you.

      The most widely regarded primary source of website traffic is organic search. Without proper SEO put in place, your website could be lost and buried deep among numerous other sites, but with the right approach, your brand will be at the forefront of Google giving you a higher possibility of getting more traffic and consequently more leads through your website.

      Download Our Free Guide

      A Guide to local SEO

      Download Our Free Guide

      A guide to local SEO

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Why choose crdone?

      • We are passionate about the work we do. Your website SEO is important to us and we love to ensure phenomenal results.
      • We are constantly evolving and innovating. We incorporate best-in-class tactics and techniques to ensure the best results.
      • Our results are enhanced by transparency and honest communication. We give you actionable reports without leaving out any detail.
      • We are a team of professionals, our work is unmatched and we’re constantly looking for new ways to help your business aside from SEO.
      • We are not just a team, we are partners. We are always on standby to listen, collaborate, work, and feedback on your website or businesses progress.

      How Much Do SEO Services Cost In The UK?

      The cost of SEO services in the UK vary, ranging from hundreds to thousands per month for mid-end and high-end projects respectively.

      Is SEO Still Profitable?

      Yes, it is. With consistent SEO results, in the long-term you are likely to drive up your ROI and drive down your cost per acquisition.

      What Are The Benefits Of SEO?

      SEO increases organic traffic and discovery, offering impressive return on investments. It is a way of improving trust and credibility, targeting your specific audience and optimising user experience. It also promotes the success of PPC.

      What Is The Difference Between SEO And PPC?

      The major difference is that PPC is a form of advertisement. That is, paying for people to click on search engine ads which will in turn lead them to your website. While SEO, is about creation and promotion of content to get links that increase your ranking in search results.

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        Our team is standing by to help. Get in touch and we'll be happy to assist you.