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It is indeed highly competitive out there, and in the current age of digital marketing, you need to be open to strategies that may be able to give you an edge. In this article, we shall discuss some basic PPC tips and tricks that could unlock the potential of your next campaign. 

More Attention to Result-Yielding Keywords

The truth is that it is less about the traffic and cost per click and more about the results. So, you need to think in the right direction to up your game. In addition to planning how to increase the amount of traffic generated and leads delivered, go the extra mile by making sure the right leads are generated. One of the significant ways to do this is by reassessing your keywords and your conversions. This means that you should periodically go through query reports and check out those keywords that are misleading. These are keywords that cause traffic to be generated but, unfortunately, the wrong kind of traffic. This is a way to save you a lot of money and make your campaign successful at a larger scale. We like to think of a funnel approach to our keywords and the buyer journey:

  • TOFU – Top of funnel
    • This is when people may be in the awareness stage
    • Keyword examples: “how to ride a bike”
  • MOFU – Middle of funnel
    • People are considering there options 
    • Keyword examples: “best mountain bikes”
  • BOFU – Bottom of funnel
    • People are ready to take action
    • Keyword examples: “mountain bike deals”

If you’re confident that all of your keywords are correct and there’s nothing more you can do, then be sure to review your Search Term Report – this shows us the actual search terms that we’re appearing for. We recommend that you review this data at least once a week.

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Leverage on Improvements in Automation

Google, as a search engine, has its ways of staying ahead of the game in terms of automation. Google has always been one step ahead of everyone else with its automation and it’s time to start utilising it if you’re not already doing so. Using automation capabilities can help you become more relevant and therefore increase your ad quality score. If you’re running Responsive Search Ads you’re already using some elements of automation and AI. 

Ad rotation is one automation feature that users must stay alert to. Ad rotation works by allowing you to run multiple ads and enabling you to determine how you want them to be visible – by default Google will set this to “Continually Rotate Ads”, however, we encourage you to switch this to “Optimise best performing ad”.

This means that you can prioritise better-performing ads. As a result, you would be able to experience better results in your Google Search Campaign.

Another handy automation feature from Google that you can engage for an improved Google Search Campaign is Smart Bidding. With it, optimisation based on various goals based on one’s desired outcome is possible. By and large, you should make the most of automation features by Google but as always test and learn from every change.

Get Better Google Ads Results by Testing and Experimenting

Frankly, this is a broad recommendation, but it is essential that you make good use of it. You should make it a habit to compare and contrast your ads and see why things are working and why they are not.

You can use specific tools to analyse the performance of various factors in your campaigns. This might be about your landing page, strategies, keywords or anything else. There is no one-size-fits-all approach in this regard. For instance, a certain kind of landing page might do the magic for a particular account, and the reverse will be the case for another account. The whole point is getting better with your Google Search Campaign by testing and experimenting. Draft and Experiments from Google is a helpful feature for this purpose.

Data Attribution Is Important

For most people, the last-click option is the conversion tracking method that is selected. It helps quite a lot but not in all situations. Data-Driven-Attribution is more advanced but is worth considering. 

Data-driven attribution gives credit for conversions based on how people engage with your various ads and decide to become your customers. 


This can help to understand where keywords sit in your conversion funnel, it is however a slightly more advanced attribution model, which we’ll cover in another blog.

Hopefully these tips help take your campaign to the next level, but if you’re looking for more advanced tactics and techniques then get in touch with us and we’d welcome the opportunity to talk to you about your campaigns.

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Carl Darnell
Founder and Director

My passion lies in helping growing businesses achieve their goals by leveraging the power of digital channels. I strive to bring a fresh perspective and innovative strategies to the table to help brands reach new heights.

Carl Darnell
Founder and Director

My passion lies in helping growing businesses achieve their goals by leveraging the power of digital channels. I strive to bring a fresh perspective and innovative strategies to the table to help brands reach new heights.

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