May 15, 2024

Higher Education Marketing: 25 Tips for an effective higher education marketing strategy

The higher education landscape is more competitive than ever. We don’t need to tell you that. If you work as a higher education marketer, you know your institution faces greater competition from your peers. However, tightening budgets, saturated communications and emerging channels mean institutions must achieve more with less. Universities, colleges, and sixth forms once...
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How Will SGE Affect SEO?

Google’s Search Generative Experience, or SGE, is the next step in the evolution of the search engine. According to some insiders, the project will have a negative impact on standard SEO practices, reducing organic visibility, which, in turn, will damage traffic and conversions. Little wonder the tentative announcements have businesses and SEO agencies spooked. But...
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What is Google SGE? And How Will It Impact Small Businesses?

For small businesses, being discovered online has always been tough. Up until now, they relied heavily on search engine optimisation (SEO), creating informative blogs and compelling case studies to boost brand visibility and build customer trust.  But, with the emergence of generative AI, content creation became lightning-fast. Although there are significant concerns about the ability...
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